World Vitiligo Day-Department of Dermatology


The Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy, observed World Vitiligo day on 25th June 2018.

Patients visiting the OPD were educated about Vitiligo; about the nature of the disease and its course and prognosis in their own language and thus an attempt was made to eliminate the stigma associated with the disease. Pictures and images were displayed at prominent locations in the OPD. Stress was laid on the benign and non-communicable nature of the disease.

In addition to this, handouts containing information about vitiligo in brief and myths and facts about the conditions were given to all the patients so that they spread the awareness among their family members and community. Thus, we succeeded in creating awareness among the patients about vitiligo and to have a positive body image irrespective of the colour of the skin.