Workshop on Scientific Writing – By Scientific Committee

Workshop on Scientific Writing

A one-day Workshop on Scientific Writing was held for 2nd year Diploma Students on 21st June 2018 at MEU hall by the Scientific Committee. Since submitting dissertation is not mandatory or a part of PG curriculum for diploma students, they lag behind in various aspects of research methodology, scientific writing and publishing research papers. Hence this workshop was planned with an objective to train the diploma students in various aspects of scientific writing.

Fourteen postgraduate students attended the program.

Dr M G Shivaramu, Principal, AIMS, in his keynote address mentioned that the institute has always adopted a pro-active approach to tap the immense potential in the young generation and asked the students to work with sincerity and enthusiasm and take an active role in research.

The workshop was spread over 7 modules, namely –

  1. How to write an effective introduction” – emphasis on various components to be included in the introduction i.e., what is known, unknown and gap in the existing literature.

  2. How to write review of literature” – sources and methods of reviewing literature and tips on writing a critical review.

  3. Writing Material and Methods” – study designs, statistical tools of design of experiment, sampling, data analysis and interpretation with examples

  4. How to write effective results” – review of the contents of results section and the ways to present data in textual and non-textual form.

  5. How to write discussion and abstract” – different components of discussion, limitations, conclusion, abstract and how to frame each of these sections

  6. Plagiarism and Language skills” – types of plagiarism and various software to detect them; review of the basic grammar, style and punctuation of English for writing scientific articles.

  7. Referencing” – various ways of referencing with group activities.