UG Orientation Programme 1st MBBS Students 2017-18

Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences

B.G. Nagara 571448

Dept. of Biochemistry.

UG Orientation Programme 1st MBBS Students 2017-18  Batch

Date: 13-09-2017.

Time: 9.30 am to 4.00 pm

Venue: Lecture Hall

Summary of the programme:

UG oreintation programme for 2017-18 batch was organized by Dept. of Biochemistry on 13.9.2017 in Lecture Hall-3

146 students participated in the orientation programme. The programme satrted at 9.30am Dr.Aliya Nusrath, Prof and HOD, addressed and welcomed the aspiring doctors of 2017-18 batch.

The students were made to pair into two each and each one were asked to introduce their friend by adding the adjective to their name(starting from the first letter of their name), place and college of their previous education.

Dr. Rajeshwari A, Associate professor introduced the teaching and non-teaching faculty of the department.

The Programme continued with highlighting the vision, mission of the institute and the department by Dr. Namitha D, Assistant professor and the introduction to the curriculum and syllabus of biochemistry was given by Dr. Shilpashree Y D, Assistant professor.

Dr. Madav Savakar coordinator of MEU addressed the students

This was followed by explaining the examination pattern by Dr. Aliya Nusrath.

To break the ice between the students and familiarize themselves with each other an activity was organized, facilitated by Dr. N Asha Rani, Dr. Namitha D and Mrs. Rafiya Begum.

The students were divided into 12 groups according to their birthday month, each group was asked to assign their leader. Three activities were conducted. First one was pictionary, second activity was pick and act and third one was to identify the character pinned on the back of the leader by their group mates.

After the games, Dr. MG Shivaramu, Principal AIMS addressd the students with a motivational speech. Programme continued with Dr. N Asha Rani, who spoke about the text books (reference books) note books and stationeries required by the student.

In the afternoon session Dr. Aliya Nusrath, Prof and HOD highlighted the rules and regulations of the department and the students were instructed to abide by these rules.

The Programme was concluded with a game, which was blowing of balloons by the groups in a competitive manner with the group with maximum number as winners. October and July had tie for 1st place and the second place was bagged by January group. Vote of thanks was rendered by Dr. N Asha Rani.