Techniques in Molecular biology and gene therapy

Student Seminar: Techniques in Molecular biology and gene therapy


The department organized a student seminar on the topic Techniques in Molecular biology and gene therapy” on 25.05.2017 between 10.30am to 1.30pm.

Ms. Amruthavarshini D and   Ms. Juhi Arora I MBBS students were the moderators of the programme.

The following students were the speakers for the seminar

  • Aadarsh C GVectors in rDNA technology, rDNA technology process
  • Aditya Joshi Genomic Library, cDNA library, DNA Probes
  • Deekshitha S.RApplications of rDNA technology
  • Nithya JanardhanaIntroduction to recombinant DNA technology, Restriction Endonucleases, Host cells
  • Prerana U Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • Shrisha S- Human Genome Project – An Overview
  • Suriyanarayanan N-Gene Therapy
  • Yashwanth S Gowda- Blotting Techniques

Dr. Venkatesh D, incharge principal, Prof and HOD, Dept. of Microbiology, Dr. Narasimha Swamy, Prof and HOD, Dept. of Physiology, Dr. Rajendra, Prof and HOD, Dept. of Anatomy and Mr. Umesh BK, Registrar were the invited guests. The programme was attended by staff from various departments and I year MBBS students.

The dignitaries were invited onto the dais by the moderators. The programme started by seeking the blessing of the almighty with invocation song by Ms. Darsana Madhavan I MBBS students. The programme was inaugurated by ceremonial watering of Tulsi plant.

Welcome address was rendered by Dr.Aliya Nusrath, Prof and HOD, Dept. of Biochemistry Student speakers were introduced by the moderators with apt and beautiful captions for each one which was well enjoyed by everybody.

Students presented a beautiful seminar which was well appreciated by all of them. At 11.45 there was a tea break. After the tea break seminars continued by the students.

After the seminar session, much awaited session distribution ceremony began which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the student and faculty.

Best overall performance award was bagged by Mr. Aadarsh , The award for Best Academic performance was bagged by Mr. Harshit Dhiya, two prizes were given as “Rising Stars” of the batch 2016-17 to Mr. Yshawanth gowda and   Ms. Deekshitha , six students were selected from each batch as “Venus Star” of the batch. These students were awarded by their own mentors.

Certificates were also given for the student who participated in “Jnana Vignana Tantra Jnana Mela-2017” and for all the student speakers of the seminar and 100% attendance in either Theory or Practical  in order to encourage them to be regular and punctual to the classes.

The programme was concluded by rendering the vote of thanks by   Dr. N Asha Rani, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry.