State Level General Medicine CME

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The Department of General Medicine conducted a state level CME on 30 September 2015. The details of scientific sessions are as follows:

Topic: “Approach to articular Disorders”
Speaker: Dr.Shivaprasad,
Vikram Hospital, Mysuru.

Topic: “Approach to investigations in autoimmune diseases”
Speaker: Dr.Subramaniam
JSS Hospital, Mysuru.

Topic: “Rheumatoid arthritis a systemic disease, Current concepts in management”
Speaker: Dr.Chetana,
Apollo Hospital, Bengaluru.

Topic: “A common problem : Neck and Back pain-evaluation & management”
Speaker: Dr.B.G.Dharmanand
Sakra Hospital, Bengaluru

Topic: “Osteoporosis and underdiagnosed epidemic”
Speaker: Dr.Sharath Kumar
Columbia Asia Hospital, Bengaluru.

Topic: “Rheumatologic emergencies”
Speaker: Dr.Chethana,
Apollo Hospital, Mysuru.

Topic: Rheumatological problems in Diabetes mellitus”
Speaker: Dr.B.G.Dharmanand
Sakra Hospital, Bengaluru