Dos and Don’ts

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Dos and Don’ts


The college has a set list of rules, regulations & code of ethics, which every student has to strictly abide by the same. Failure to do so shall attract disciplinary action instituted against the candidates by the Head of the Institution.
Attendance to both theory and practicals is compulsory.

Minimum of 80% attendance in both theory & practical is necessary as set by RGUHS. Failure to meet the attendance requirements, shall prevent the student from appearing for the University exams.

Students are expected to maintain the basic discipline and decorum for this profession, which is their due. Any misbehavior shall attract disciplinary action.

Ragging of junior students or co-students in any form is completely banned, & if in case of any such event brought to the notice of the Institution Head, legal action will be instituted against such students in accordance with the country’s legal system.

Parents & guardians are informed regularly about the progress of their wards. They are also requested to keep in touch with the college office to know about their wards even otherwise. Dress Code: The college has a prescribed professional dress code for both boys and girls, which they are supposed to strictly follow during the college hours in the campus.

Boys are supposed to wear formal shirts & trousers with tie and shoes. No jeans pant & T-shirts allowed.

Girls are supposed to wear kurta & pyjama with a normal fit and hairs neatly pleated or tied. Those willing to wear sari are also allowed. No pants, T-shirts, leggings, short tops are allowed. Aprons cleanly washed & pressed are a must for all students when in the campus during the college hours.