Proposal Writing Workshop for ICMR-STS

Proposal Writing Workshop for ICMR-STS

The Scientific Committee organized a Proposal Writing Workshop for Indian Council of Medical Research – Short term studentship (ICMR-STS) on 16th January 2019. 39 Undergraduate students participated in the workshop.

The objectives of the presentation were to train the students in various aspects of research methodology and to write an effective research proposal as per ICMR STS guidelines.

The Workshop was inaugurated and the keynote address was delivered by Dr. M G Shivaramu, Dean of Health Sciences, ACU & Principal, AIMS.

The workshop began with pretest followed by a session on “How to write introduction” by Dr Aliya Nusrath, Professor & HOD of Biochemistry, AIMS. Emphasis was laid on the importance of writing an effective introduction and the “funnel” approach. Second session was on “Review of literature” by Dr. Raghavendra S K, Assistant professor, Department of Community Medicine, AIMS. This was followed by a session on “Aims & Objectives” by Dr. Amita K Professor of Department Pathology, AIMS. Various aspects of “Methodology” were explicitly explained by Dr. Radha R Professor, Department of Community Medicine, AIMS and Dr. Tejaswi H L, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, AIMS. The next talk was by Dr. Dhanlakshmi T A, Professor, Department of Microbiology, AIMS on “How to write implications and References”. Concluding session of the day was on “How to frame the Title” by Dr. Vinay Bhat, Associate professor, Department of ENT, AIMS. The sessions were conducted with individual and group activities, presentations and discussions.

Post test and evaluation was done at the end of the programme.