Photosensitive Genodermatosis in Children – Interdepartmental Meet


Departments of Dermatology and Pediatrics conducted an inter-departmental meeting titled “Photosensitive Genodermatosis in Children” on 05.07.2018. Dr. Sindhujaa Sreekanth S, post graduate from Department of Dermatology discussed the etiology, classification and cutanenous manifestations of various photosensitive genodermatosis in children and their treatment aspects. Dr Srimeenakshidevi, post graduate student from Department of Pediatrics spoke about the pathogenesis and genetics of photosensitive genodermatosis in children.

The session was attended by Professor and Heads of both the departments, staff and post graduates from the respective departments. Staff and Post graduate students from other departments also participated.

The attendees were made aware of the need to understand various photosensitive genodermatosis and the multidisciplinary approach in its management.