Pharmacology “chemotherapy quiz-2017”

Pharmacology “chemotherapy quiz-2017”: summary

It all started on 20/03/2017 with sending a circular for participation in preliminary round for medical undergraduates in 3rd year & 4th year. 12 days time was given to register for prelims.

Forty students were registered for prelims. Twenty five students took part in preliminary round on 07/04/2017, between 2.15 pm t0 3.15pm, at lecture hall-1. Preliminary round had 50 MCQ’s for 60 minutes duration with 1mark allotted for correct response and 0.25 negative marks for wrong response.

Top 8 participants were selected based on their scores. They were grouped into four teams.

Team-1: P1 & P8(P-participant)

Team-2: P2 & P7

Team-3: P3 & P6

Team-4: P4 & P5

Final round was conducted on 12/05/2017, between 2.00pm to 4.00pm, in lecture hall-1.

It started sharply at 2.15pm. First there was a welcome speech by Dr.RaviShankar.M(Prof & HOD, Depat of Pharmacology) & he introduced quiz master(Dr.Padmanabha.T.S); scorer(Dr.Manu.G); & judge /chairperson(Dr.Madhav.K.Savkar) and handed over to quiz master.

Then from each team one of them called to pick up the the chit to select their tables.

Team-A(Penicillin Team): Mr.Yashas.P & Miss.Stuti Mukherjee.

Team-B(Cephalosporin): Mr.Darshan.N & Mr.Sanjay Sunil.

Team-C(Aminoglycoside): Miss.Diksha Kumari & Miss.Sayanwita.M

Team-D(Fluoroquinolone): Mr.Keerthi Prakash.K.P & Miss.Ameya Elizabeth Benedict.

At the end of all four rounds, all the team were tied up, with same scores. And again two more questions(buzzer type) were asked & none of the team made an attempt to answer. Further one question was asked to select a winner & Team-D responded with right answer & were winners of the Quiz competition. Lastly one last question was asked to select the 2nd place where Team-B gave the right answer.


1st place: Team-D(Fluoroquinolones): Mr.Keerthi Prakash.K.P & Miss.Ameya Elizabeth Benedict.

2nd place: Team-B(Cephalosporin): Mr.Darshan.N & Mr.Sanjay Sunil.

3rd place:  Team-A(Penicillin Team): Mr.Yashas.P & Miss.Stuti Mukherjee.


Team-C (Aminoglycoside): Miss.Diksha Kumari & Miss.Sayanwita.M

It was followed by Principal speech addressing the students gathered & wished all the participants & the winning team.  Sir announced the quiz prize of rupees:1500/- for 1st place & rupees:1000/ for 2nd place.

Organizers took photograph with Principal & the Quiz participants.

Assurance of conducting this format of Quiz was given to the students & written feedback from the participants was taken; & concluded the “Chemotherapy Quiz-2017”