Guest Lecture on “Pathology – Backbone of Medicine” – Department of Pathology

Pathology – Backbone of Medicine

The Department of Pathology organized a guest lecture on 18th June 2018 on “Pathology – Backbone of Medicine”. Dr. Ramadas Nayak, Professor and Head, Department of Pathology, YMC, Mangalore was the resource person

The guest lecture was attended by 150 students and a good number of faculties from various departments.

The guest lecture was formally inaugurated by Dr. M G Shivaramu, Principal of AIMS, B G Nagara.

Dr. Ramadas started the lecture on a lighter note which was very effective in grabbing the attention of the audience and right from the word GO, he had the audience in splits with his witty anecdotes. He stressed on the different fundamental branches of pathology and their relevance to the clinical aspects which was gleefully lapped up by the enthusiastic audience. He stressed the importance of pathology in clinical practice which was agreed by one and all. 

An academic session on “CIRRHOSIS” was held after a light break for tea. The complicated world of CIRRHOSIS was maneuvered excellently by the guest speaker with beautiful PowerPoint presentation and wonderful explanation which delved in great detail about the topic which is often considered tough by the students. The lacing of humor with academics made sure that the audience asked for more.

   The lecture concluded with generous tips from the speaker about how to face life in general and exams in particular.