Orientation Programme on CBUMC and framing of SLOs for Competencies.

Orientation Programme on CBUMC and framing of SLOs for Competencies.

The Medical Education Unit conducted a two days sensitization and orientation program for faculty members on Competency Based Undergraduate Medical Curriculum and framing of Specific Learning Objectives for Competencies. The programme was conducted on the 3rd and 4th April 2019.

Day 1: The program was started by Dr Madhav Savkar, Convener of Medical Education Unit, AIMS. The programme was presided by Dr. M G Shivaramu, Dean of Health Sciences, Adichunchanagiri University & Principal, AIMS.

Dr. Tejaswi H L, Associate Professor of Anatomy & MEU Member handled the registration

Session 1:
Dr Madhav Savkar gave a brief insight regarding the competency based curriculum. He began with introducing the concept of Indian medical graduate as an achievable goal, and highlighted various roles of Indian medical graduate. He then moved on to describe the various changes in the MBBS curriculum and its details. He stressed the importance of foundation course and the early clinical exposure to undergraduates. The subtle differences between alignment and integration were explained with examples. The implantation strategies of foundation program were discussed. He also explained, another important component of the new curriculum, i.e. the electives for 2 months at the end of phase 3 part 1. He suggested all the heads of the departments to have few modules ready for its implementation for electives. The examination schedule and pattern was explained and insight was given into various committees for implementation of CBME. Dr. Savkar concluded the talk by explaining the roles of heads of the departments and the medical education unit in successful implementation of competency based medical education. The questions from audience were answered post session.

Dr Madhav Savkar speaking on competency based curriculum

Dr. M G Shivaramu and other faculty members

Session 2:

Dr. Sudhir G K, Professor of Physiology & Co- Convener, MEU, AIMS delivered a talk on “Deriving Specific Learning Objectives from Competencies”

He began his talk by giving the audience, a clear-cut understanding of the term “ Competency” and moved on to explain the principles of CBME. The basic aspects of domains of learning were explained and the levels of competencies under each domain were discussed with specific examples. The difference between core competency and sub competency was discussed. Then he continued with defining a specific learning objective (SLO) and explaining the components of SLO’s with few examples. The session was interactive as well. The last part of the session was on various assessment tools and gave a basic understanding on the ways to assess CBME. The questions from the audience were answered by the speakers. Assignments were handed out to all the departments to frame an SLO’s for one competency of choice from their subject, and the same to be presented in the next day’s session.

Dr. M G Shivaramu interacting with faculty members

Dr. Madhav Savkar interacting with faculty members

A faculty member raising a query post session

Dr. Sudhir G K speaking on “Deriving Specific Learning Objectives from Competencies”Dr Vinay HR, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry delivered the vote of thanks

Day 2:

All the heads / representatives from each department presented the specific learning objectives of the selected competency from their subject. Dr Madhav Savkar and Dr Sudhir G K moderated the session. There was active participation from the entire faculty and the concepts of framing SLO’s were reinforced. This session went on for two hours and was completed by Dr Sudhir G K with delivery of vote of thanks.

Departmental Heads presented SLOs for a competency of choice from their respective subject