“Microteaching Workshop” for 1st year post graduate students – Medical education Unit

Microteaching Workshop

Microteaching Workshop” for 1st year post graduate students  27th and 28th April 2018 – Medical education Unit.

In recognition of the need for enhancing the teaching skills of the post graduates, the Medical Education Unit organized a training workshop on “Microteaching” on April 27th and 28th 2018. Fifty-one postgraduates attended the workshop.

The objective of the workshop was to strengthen participants’ understanding of scope, methods, and the rationale behind microteaching.

Day 1

Session 1:

After an introduction on the workshop background and objective, the participants received an overview on “Domains of Learning” which included Blooms taxonomy of learning domains and Application of learning domains in medical education

Session 2:

The participants received an overview of “Teaching learning methods and media”. The highlights of the presentation were different types of teaching learning methods and media and application, advantages and disadvantages of individual methods and media.

Session 3:

In the final session of day 1, the participants were trained in the skills of microteaching. The objective of the presentation was to enable the participants to

  • Develop a lesson plan for a 7-minute lesson.

  • Deliver a 7-minute lesson.

  • Identify both useful strategies and areas for improvement of a lesson.

Day 2

Session 1:

The participants were divided into 5 groups each consisting of 2 faculty members, 3 undergraduate students and 6-7 post graduates. Each post graduate delivered a microteaching session of 7 minutes duration and received oral and written feedback.

Sessions 2:

The last session was an open discussion session on the entire workshop. The participants interacted with the faculty regarding various queries related to microteaching.


Dr Madhav K Savkar, Convener, Medical Education Unit delivering the welcome address

Dr M G Shivaramu, Principal, AIMS delivering the Key note address

Dr Vijay Kumar A G, Associate Professor of Forensic Medicine, presenting session on Learning domain.

Dr Madhav K Savkar, Convener, Medical Education Unit, presenting session on Teaching Learning methods and Media.

Dr Aliya Nusrath, Professor and Head of Biochemistry; Dr N Asha Rani, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry enacting a role play on Microteaching.

Dr Shilpashree Y D, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, presenting session on Microteaching- Need and method