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Alumni Association Members


Hon’ble PresidentParama Poojya Jagadguru
Sri Sri Sri Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji
Principal & Executive PresidentDr. M.G. Shivaramu
PresidentDr. Mohan K
Vice-PresidentDr. Anand
Vice-PresidentDr. Rajesh
Vice-PresidentDr. B.R. Harish
SecretaryDr. S D Chandrashekar
TreasurerDr. C M Rajesh Gowda


Executive Members

Dr. T K VijnanDr. Subba Reddy
Dr. ShivashankarDr. A N Shashi Kumar
Dr. SureshDr. Abijeeth Mukherjee
Dr. RavindraDr. Nithish Bhandari
Dr. K P RajeshDr. Pradeep Senapathi
Dr. KeshavarajDr. Naveen B S
Dr. Naveen Kumar B KDr. Manjula
Dr. Pallavi BhandarkarMs. Anna Lisha Koshy
Dr. Naveen GanjooMs. Shivangini Rana
Dr. Abhinash HazarikaMs. Sumedha Sonde


Aims and Objectives


a)To construct an high-tech auditorium, health club, guest house with the provision for indoor stadium and swimming pool in the campus.
b)To promote and foster mutual understanding and to enthuse to inculcate a sense of patriotism among the members.
c)To arrange and conduct free health checkup camps especially in villages for the benefit of the needy poor people.
d)To promote, organize and facilitate seminars, conferences, lectures on the matters related to medical problems
e)To promote, organize and facilitate the Philanthropic activities.
f)To identify the budding talents in sports and promote the developmental activities.
g)To help.and support the poor eligible students persuading the study of Medicine at AIMS.
h)To create suitable environment conducive to play indoor and outdoor games like Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Swimming etc., and to arrange competitions periodically
i)To promote and foster the sense of small savings among members


2)  The amount accrued as profit towards the end of the financial year shall not be disbursed among the members. However, the same amount shall be utilized for developmental activities in the following year.


3)  The members of the managing committee headed by the Chairman is entrusted with the task of getting the association registered at the office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Mandya by taking all the appropriate measures.


Rules and Regulations

1) Name:The name of the association shall be “AIMS-AA”.
2) Address:The address shall beAIMS-AA, Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences,BG Nagara, Nagamangala Taluk, Mandya District.
3) Jurisdiction:Shall be in all parts of Karnataka State.
4)Membership:The following criteria are to be fulfilled.
a)  The candidate must have studied at AIMS either during Undergraduate Course or Postgraduate Course or both.
b)  Must have understand thoroughly the rules and regulations laid down and be abiding to such rules and regulations.
c)  The age at the time of obtaining membership must be above 18 years.
5) Membership Category:  Life membership fee: Rs.5,l00/- and above and is not refundable under any circumstances.


Fees :

Life MembershipRs. 5,000/-
Overseas Life MembershipU.K -200/- pounds.
U.S. -$ 250/-.
Other Countries – $250/-


6)  Cessation of Membership:

a) Willful disobeisance of rules and regulations
b)  Committing breach of orders
c)  Suffering from mental disorders
d)  In the event of death
e)  If resigns.


7)  Annual General body meetings:

The 1st general body meeting shall be held within 18 months from the date of registration. Afterwards the general body meeting shall be conducted once in a year. The meeting notice must be served to all members 21 days prior to the date of meeting mentioning the place, date, time and agenda. The meeting is authorized to discuss the audit report, to constitute the executive committee ( Management Committee) and to discuss any other related matters of the association


8)  Extraordinary general body meeting:

Can be held if the members exceeding 1/3 of the total number put forth the demand in writing or in the event, the executive committee decides to take decisions of paramount importance regarding the matters of concern. However, the meeting notice mentioning the place, date, time and agenda must be served to the members 7 days prior to the meeting.


9)  Executive Committee Meeting:

Shall be conducted once in 3 month. It should discuss the future plans and programmes to be implemented and decisions are to be taken in the matters of importance and urgency.

The meeting shall be postponed if required quorum is not present. If such postponed meeting also does not have required quorum, the members present are authorized to take the decisions.

The secretary shall intimate the meeting notice 7 days prior to the date of meeting mentioning the place, date, time and agenda to all the members of the executive committee.


10) Office bearers and their powers:

a) Chief Patron
b) Chairman
c) President
d) Vice-President– 3 posts
e) Secretary
f) Joint Secretary– 3 posts
g) Treasurer
h) Members– 20 posts


11) Powers and activities of office bearers:

a) Chief Patron:President, Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust @, Sri Adichunchanagiri Math
b) Chairman:AIMS Principal shall be the Chairman of the association. He is empowered to deal with the money transactions jointly with treasurer through joint account and is entrusted with the responsibility of overall, development of association.
c) President elect:Shall preside over all the meetings. Shall direct and regulate the proceedings of the meeting. Shall take appropriate decisions and adapt resolutions. Shall carry out such other duties as may be assigned to him by the managing committee
d) Vice-President:Shall discharge the duties entrusted to him by the President and carry on such other duties as may be assigned to him by the managing committee.
e) Secretary:Shall look after all the letter correspondence, safe guarding the interest of the association, to recruit new members by realizing the membership fee
f) Joint Secretary:Secretary, in his absence shall direct any member to be the joint secretary to discharge the duties entrusted to him by the managing committee.
g) Treasurer:Shall keep the accounts of all the financial transactions, receipts and expenditure. Shall keep the accounts of all materials including funds. Shall arrange for the payments as per the request of the secretary upon receiving vouchers. Shall discharge the financial transactions by holding a joint account with the Chairman and to place
h)Office bearers are forbidden from receiving honorarium or remuneration. However, in the event of attending the official work outside the headquarters, they can claim T A and other allowances if they so desire.


12)   Any member to contest the elections for the office bearers shall possess three years of minimum continuous membership. The office bearers elected for the first time shall have three years of tenure in the office to implement the objectives. After the completion of three years, the election of the office bearers shall be held once in every year.

The finance required to run the association shall be accrued by realizing the membership fee. The amount collected and other materials are to be audited and accounted.


13) Finance:

Membership fees
Donations by individual etc.
Interest earned from invested money.
Delegates fees or contributions collected from conferences etc.


14)   In the event of absence of President, the President elect among the members present shall conduct the proceedings of the meeting. If the votes are equally poised, the President’s vote shall decide the final outcome of the resolution taken.


15)   Funds shall be deposited in anyone of the nationalized banks or in an authorized bank. The money transactions shall be discharged through the joint account of the treasurer and chairman.


16)   The letters of accounts shall be audited by an authorized chartered accountant and such audit reports shall be placed before annual general body meeting.


17)   In pursuance of the KSR act of 1960; column 13 the annual audit report must be approved by the general body meeting and later shall be submitted to the Registrar’s Office mentioning the names of the office bearers, age, address, and the Professional details within 14 days of general body meeting.


18)   Sub Committee:
To fulfill the objectives activities and smooth running of the office procedures, the eligible members shall from sub-committees nominated by the executive committee. The leader of the individual sub committee shall be the Convener and the executive committee shall advice the sub committee in their discipline.


19)   Child labours are not at all entertained in the association


20)   The financial year shall be between 1st April to 31st March of the subsequent year.


21)   Quorum of 1/3 of the total number of members is necessary to conduct any meeting.


22)   The general body meeting shall be conducted in accordance with the previsions laid down in section 11 (3) of KSR act.


23)   Corrigendum pertaining to memorandum of Association, rules and regulations shall be undertaken in accordance with the provisions of KSR act 1960 column 9 and the merger or dissolution shall be on the basis of 21,22 and 23.


24)   The working hours is between 9.00AM and 4.00 PM on all working days.


25)   The rules and regulations shall be in accordance with the provisions of KSR act 1960.