Hostel Facility

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Hostel Facility


Separate Hostels for Boys & Girls are provided in AIMS Campus at BG Nagara.

Post Graduate Hostel for Men and Women is situated in the College Campus adjoining to the Teaching Hospital.

Walkable distance distance from the College & Hospital:.


Total No. of  Rooms & Seats:

HostelsExisting RoomsCapacity
Boys113×2(Boys)226 students
Girls220×2 (Girls)440 students
 Total666 students
Interns50×2(Boys)40×2(Girls)100 students80 students
Residents cum PGs 161×2322 Residents
Nurses   78×4312 Nurses


No. of students on the roll: 

Under Graduates: 550

Post Graduates: 171


Supervisory arrangement:

Hostel Committee supervises the functioning of the Hostel.

The hostel Committee consists of Principal as Chairman and includes following members.

Dr. D.Chikkanna, Warden,

AIMS hostel for Boys


Dr.A. Rajeshwarai  Warden,

AIMS hostel for Girls and


Mrs.Ashwini, Manager who is full time



Overall Supervision is done by the



Messing & Canteen arrangement:

Separate Mess facilities are provided for UG Boys, UG Girls and Nurses

Postgraduates and Residents have  common mess facilities.


Visitor Room:

Visitors rooms are available in both UG Boys & UG Girls hostel with T.V.

Visitors are provided with Reading room and Indoor games.


Reading Room:

1) Periodical & News Paper

2) List of Text Book

3) TV & Audio visual aids

All are available in both

UG boys and UG girls hostels.


 Indoor games available in both Boys & Girls hostels


2) Shuttle Cock

3) Chess

4) Table Tennis.



 Residential quarters are provided in the campus for both Teaching staff  & Non teaching staff  Total 400 quarters available within the campus. 160 quarters are available for the teaching faculty.  240 quarters are available for the non teaching staff.


Percentage of staff accommodated in each category:

75% of the staff are accommodated.  Preparential allotment is given to all the Teaching & Nursing Staff who are doing Essential services.


Code of Conduct:

The inmates are governed by “code of conduct” laid down by the advisory committee, which works under the guidance of the Principal. All stringent preventive measures are taken in accordance with the guidelines of RGUHS and Govt. of Karnataka to prevent ragging in the premises.