Guest Lecture on “Medical Malpraxis – Liabilities of Doctor and Hospitals” – Department of Forensic Medicine

Medical Malpraxis – Liabilities of Doctor and Hospitals

The department of forensic medicine organized a Guest Lecture on Medical Malpraxis – Liabilities of Doctor and Hospitals” on 08/05/2018.

Dr. O V NANDIMATH” Registrar and Professor of Law National Law School of India University, Bengaluru, was the guest speaker.

The session was intended to provide various aspects of medical malpractice and culpabilities arising viz-a-viz doctors and hospitals. The speaker started with a brief introduction on the current scenario of health care dynamics having undergone changes rapidly over a decade or so thereby altering the doctor-patient relationship resulting in increased spurt of litigations against doctors. The speaker lucidly gave an insight and elaborated the narrative on the procedural aspects of various courts of law, where Medico-legal or Medical negligence cases against doctors are filed starting from consumer courts to the higher courts. The speaker then went into finer details of Medical Malpraxis and the consequent liabilities that can arise for both the treating doctor and the concerned hospital and how the culpabilities will be fixed in cases of proven medical negligence. The speaker emphasized more on intricacies and nuances of trials and possible outcomes when a doctor is embroiled in a negligence suit and steps to be taken including documentation and patient communication, so as to be on safer grounds and avoiding culpabilities. The session was very interactive with students and faculty actively participating in the Q&A session where practical aspects of medical negligence and medico-legal scenarios were dwelled and debated and the speaker clarified every finer aspect of the topic and queries posed to him.