Extension activity – Department of Biochemistry

An Extension activity for High school children

Awareness of Diabetes mellitus and its prevention”

Department of Biochemistry organized an extension activity for high school children of Sri Bhakthanatha Swamy High School (9th std.) on the topic “Awareness of Diabetes mellitus and its prevention” on 9th July 2018 between 10.30am to 1pm

Dr. M G Shivaramu, Principal, AIMS, Mrs. B Jayalakshmi and Mr. Harish A.J, assistant teachers of Sri Bhakthanatha Swamy High School were the invited guests.

Dignitaries on Stage

Faculties and Students

  • Dr Asharani N, Associate Professor was the moderator of the Programme. Welcome address was rendered by Dr. Aliya Nusrath, Prof & Head, Department of Biochemistry.

Moderation by Dr Asharani N

ess by Dr Aliya Nusrath


  • The Programme was inaugurated by ceremonial watering of Tulsi pant by dignitaries, two school children and the teaching faculty of the department.
  • Principal addressed the young students with a motivational talk. Questionnaire was distributed to the students to check the knowledge regarding the topic. The questions were explained in Kannada by Dr. Shilpashree Y D.

Watering the Tulsi plant

Address by the principal



  • The academic programme was conducted in three sessions. In 1st session, Dr. Rajeshwari A, Associate Professor delivered an informational talk on the topic “Causes and symptoms of Diabetes mellitus”.
  • In the 2nd session, a Role play was done by 7th term MBBS students on “Awareness of Diabetes mellitus” .

Presentation by Dr Rajeshwari A


  • In 3rd session Dr. Namitha D, Assistant Professor gave an excellent talk on “Prevention of diabetes” with lot of interactions with the students.

Presentation by Dr Namitha D

Volunteers of Role play

Vote of thanks by Dr Shilpashree YD


  • Both the lectures were well appreciated by everybody, school children enjoyed the entire programme. Once again questionnaires were distributed to know, how much they have understood and it was collected back.

Active involvement of students

Organizing team with Student volunteers

  • Finally vote of thanks was rendered by Dr. Shilpashree Y D, Assistant Professor. At the end of the programme, school children were distributed with protein rich snack and banana.