Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Month


On the occasion of International diabetes day observed worldwide on Nov 14th, the month of November was declared as a diabetic retinopathy screening month and free screening was conducted for all the diabetic patients attending the department of ophthalmology in AIMS, B G Nagara.

On 23rd Nov, 2018 an awareness programme was conducted. Dignitaries including Dr. M G Shivaramu, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences (Medical) & Principal, AIMS; Dr. T M Manohar, Medical Superintendent, SAH&RC and Mr. Somshekar, Resident Medical Officer, AIMS were present. Patients and their family members were addressed by Dr H T Venkate Gowda, Head of the Department of Ophthalmology and were educated about the impact of diabetes on the eye and the need for regular screening and follow up along with good diabetic control. They were also informed about the complications caused by diabetes in the eye and treatment modalities available for the said complications. Pamphlets containing the information in Kannada were distributed to the patients attending the programme.

During the entire month of November, free Screening was done to 64 diabetic patients during this month in the OPD, department of Ophthalmology. PRP was conducted to 5 patients, for the required indications. Other patients and the bystanders were provided with the pamphlets containing the needed information.

As a part of International Diabetic Day, an Interdepartmental meeting was conducted with the department of medicine on 23rd November, 2018. Dr Rahul, Post Graduate, Department of Internal Medicine presented a seminar regarding the pathogenesis, clinical features and management of diabetes mellitus. Dr. Maithri, Post Graduate, Department of Ophthalmology spoke about the pathogenesis, screening protocols and management modalities of diabetic retinopathy. The session was headed by Dr Shashikanth Bhat, Prof & Head(incharge), Department of Internal Medicine and Dr. H T Venkate Gowda, Prof & Head Department of Ophthalmology. The session was attended by the faculty and Post Graduate students of both the departments. It was an interesting educative and interactive session.