Department of Biochemistry

“Medicine at Molecular Level”

Medical Biochemistry is the branch of Medicine, which seeks to advance the understanding of chemical structures and processes that constitute health and disease, and underlie transformation between these two states. Its applicative arm is clinical chemistry, a field that focuses on the investigations and interpretation of biochemical tests performed on body fluids and tissues to aid in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease.

The Department of Biochemistry, a part of this esteemed institution consists of areas of teaching, research and laboratory services. It is situated in the first floor of college building. It serves the educational needs of undergraduates, post graduates and research scholars. It also caters to needs of health service by providing clinical laboratory investigations.

Undergraduate course M.B.B.S., started in the year 1986 and Postgraduate course M.D, Biochemistry started in the year 1997. The department has excellent teaching faculty for both UG and PG. The students and staff are encouraged and guided to conduct regularly research activity. Shared research interests are cultivated by presentations, seminars, regular scientific conferences and interdepartmental research units. The department has an excellent state of art clinical biochemistry laboratory with qualified biochemists and skilled technicians to cater the laboratory needs of patient.

Department Photo