CME on “Myths & Facts of Aging”

Department of Physiology – CME on “Myths & Facts of Aging”

A State level CME on the theme “Myths & Facts of Aging” was organized by the Department of Physiology, AIMS on 27th December 2018. The one day scientific programme covered different aspects of aging from the basics of ‘How to know we are aging’, ‘Challenges of aging’, ‘Recent advances in basis of aging & anti-aging’, ‘Art & Science of healthy aging’ & finally ‘Scope for research in Geriatric medicine’ presented by speakers from various colleges of Karnataka. The CME witnessed delegates from various colleges of Karnataka along with internal delegates & MBBS students. On the background of a possibility to halt aging, a debate was arranged on advantages & disadvantages of human immortality to conclude the day’s session.



Guest speakers & organizing team

Dr. Sudhir on ‘Am I aging! How do I know?’

Dr. Pratibha on ‘Challenges of aging’

Dr. Pratibha on ‘Research in Geriatrics’

Dr. Vijayadas on ‘Recent advances in aging & antiaging’

Dr. Aswini Dutt on ‘Art & Science of healthy aging’

Dr. Narasimhaswamy moderating debate on ‘Immortality’

Student delegates talking pro & against immortality