Biochemistry Quiz

Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences

B.G.Nagara – 571448

Dept. of Biochemistry

Date: 23-01-2018

Quiz in Biochemistry on 22/01/2018

A quiz was organized on 22-01-18 at 11 am on the following topics for 1st MBBS students.

  1. Enzymes
  2. Biological oxidation
  3. Nutrition
  4. Detoxification

The quiz was attended by all the students of I MBBS 2017-18 batch and faculty of Physiology department . The student were divided into six groups of 25 each based on their tutorial batches as IA, IB, IIA, IIB, IIIA and IIIB

Quiz master: Dr. Aliya Nusrath

Rapid fire round: Dr. N Asha Rani

Marks entry: Dr. Rajeshwari A, Dr. Shilpashree Y D and Mrs. Rafiya Begum.

Buzzer Handling: Dr. Namitha D.

The quiz had six rounds. Distinct feature of the quiz was all 150 students participated in the quiz. Each group of students were divided into five subgroups of five students with each subgroup facing one round of quiz.

Round I: MCQ round

Each team was given two multiple choice questions, which carried 10marks with no negative marks. If the question was not answered by the team, then it is passed on to the next team only with 05 marks for the right answer, time given was 15 seconds after completion of reading of the question.

Round II: Case study round

Each team was given one case study. For correct identification/ diagnosis 20marks were allotted. There were negative 10 marks for the wrong answer. There was one sub question with 10 marks, and wrong answer 10 negative marks were considered. Time given was 15seconds.

Question was passed to the next team, only if first question was unattempted.

Round III: Buzzer round

This round had identification of scrambled words; time given for identification was 45seconds, 25marks for correct identification. It had one sub question carrying 5marks, time given was 10seconds. There was no passing of the question.

Round IV: Picture clue round

Each team was shown one picture clue, 25marks for identification and one sub question carried 5marks. Time given was 10seconds after completion of reading the question. There was no passing of the question.

Round V: Word Search Round

A letters grid was given for identification of words related to topic enzyme. Time allotted was 4 mins or time taken by any team for complete identification of all words, whichever is first. Identification of each correct word carried 5 marks. Maximum marks which could be scored were 80marks.

Round VI: Rapid fire Round

This round had 10 questions, carrying 5marks, to be answered in 60seconds. No negative marks.

The students completed all the rounds and following were the marks.




Team IA won the quiz with 115 marks


Runner up were IIA

Chocolates were distributed for winning team,

by Dr. K N Narsimha Swamy, Professor & Head, Department of Physiology and

Dr. Anand KSS, Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology