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BGS-ABCRI : A rural biotech research institute has been founded and continuously funded by Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Padmabhushana Dr. Balagangadharananatha Maha Swamijiin an unprecedented manner.

This institute has been carrying out research on the cutting edge of science in that, a family of three BGS turmeric proteins have been isolated, purified and characterized in our institute. We have shattered the myth that, Curcumin – the yellow coloured compound of Turmeric is the only antioxidant that acts, we have now discovered three distinct proteins from the water extract of Turmeric which displays enormous amount of antioxidant activity, juxtaposed to Curcumin, which is soluble only in fat and organic solvents. Our three proteins namely BGS-Arishinin, BGS-Turmerin and BGS-Haridrin are all very potent antioxidants and soluble mostly in water and sparingly in organic solvents or lipids, but the most important quality of the BGS-proteins is that, they are absolutely non-toxic and safe. The same statement will not hold good for other antioxidants because at a higher dose they all turn into free radical generators against which they had fought. This is equivalent to soldiers fighting against an enemy turning to be a traitor by aligning with the enemy at the fag end of the war. Looking at this, one can definitely understand the imperative need to have a non toxic antioxidant which can be consumed without ill effects, allergy or toxicity.


+Director – Dr. Leela Srinivas, M.Sc., Ph.D

BGS-Arishinin is an 8 kDa protein exhibits powerful antioxidant, antifungal, antimicrobial and antimalarial activities at a very low dose of 0.024nM in killing even the chloroquin resistant plasmodium falciparum strain. It holds a lot of promise in prevention of malarial as well as other pathogen induced diseases such as cholera; E-coli induced diarrhea or even streptococcus infections. The antifungal property of Arishinin has been shown in its capacity to inhibit infection of dandruff causing fungi namely M-fur fur. Arishinin has shown substantial inhibitory activity against fur fur. A U.S. patent is being taken for the above.

BGS-Turmerin is a 14 kDa molecular weight protein exhibiting anti-carcinogen, anti-promoter, anti-inflammatory, anti-malarial, anti-snake venom, anti-mutagen, anti-cataract activities. Partial sequencing reveals that, it is a protease inhibitor, proteases secreted by virus, and bacteria help themselves or the toxin secreted by them to avail access to the internal structure of the cell by breaking down the cellular barrier proteins. So that, they can attack the internal structure. An anti-protease prevents the protease from breaking down the proteins and thus denying it entry into the cell. This phenomenon can be exploited to prevent spreading of infections. Research on Turmerin has been decorated with the RAPID award of NCI, NIH, USA in being selected as a promising cancer preventive biomolecule. We are the only institution outside USA to receive this honour.

BGS-Haridrin is a bigger cousin of the above two in that, the molecular weight is around 28kDa and also it happens to be a glyco protein. This also exhibits antioxidant activity and is a good protector of reactive oxygen induced DNA damage. The above property can be exploited by incorporation of Haridrin in sunscreen lotion. We have evidence to believe that, Turmeric can prevent organic smoke induced DNA damage.

For all the above three proteins structure function studies are done, one immediate applications which these proteins have found is in the fact that, the lethality of snake bite can be prevented on the spot. A warm extract of Turmeric powder filtered thoroughly and administered to the snake bitten person will save his life till he reaches the hospital to receive the anti-venom, antibody injection. This application will definitely find a good recourse to save lives in the rural areas.

In the same vein of anti-protease activity, we have isolated and purified an approximately 30kDa protein from Horse gram and named it as BGS-Hayanin. This appears to be a powerful anti protease and likely to find application in combating snake venom bacterial, fungal infections.

Eye diseases are rampant in India as well as South East Asia, Africa & south America &Mexico mostly due to preponderant aging population and the severe ultraviolet radiation from the cosmos ,malnutrition and / or under nutrition. Out of these diseases, cataract and age related macular degeneration are prominent and preventable. We have found that, Menthya leaves contain a substantial amount of lutein – a carotene like molecule. This protects the retina from undergoing degenerative changes which results in hazy vision. Now, Lutein is being obtained from Marigold, mainly for export purpose, but it cannot be eaten. Hence, we have found an alternative rich, inexpensive, easily available, acceptable to all a source of Lutein in Menthya leaves. We are concentrating to find how it is transported and how it homes to retina.AS a very new finding we have identified isolated and partially purified a specific lutein binding protein & this protein is patented This will help our country in preventing / treating AMD in an inexpensive manner suitable to us and our ethnically related neighbors.

We have exploited the anticancer property of Turmeric. We have examples of tongue, esophagus (food pipe), brain, mouth, breast, and leg cancer being cured by the intake of Turmeric. We recommend half a tea spoon of Turmeric powder in water taken early in the morning in an empty stomach for better absorption. The patients have been also advised to take two bowls of fresh green vegetables and yellow fruits with a pinch of pepper powder and half lime juice. This will enhance the antioxidant intake of the patients. Many of them have reported regression of tumours and no recurrence. This is possible because both curcumin and Turmerin prevent the expression of cancer genes.


Two stage carcinogenesis: We have in vivo results that Arishinin prevents two stage carcinogenesis that is initiation & promotion in an effective manner