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AIMS Alumni Association


The primary objective of  AIMS Alumni Association is to establish contact among the old students  and meet periodically. The alumni also helps the Association and the Institution in many ways.

The Alumni Association is the best platform for students who have passed out of the college and have settled in different parts of India and abroad to come together to share their ideas & thoughts with each other.

Scientific meetings and CME’s  are held where research findings and new technology adoption in the medical field are discussed and debated. Social get-together is organized annually or bi-annually on a fixed date and month.

The Alumni help the deserving and needy students of AIMS Medical College financially or otherwise and assist postgraduate students in going abroad as considered feasible by the Association.

Arrangement are made by the Association for any guest lecturers by the alumni.
Public Education Programme in various disciplines of medicine, healthcare camps in slums and rural areas are organized with the assistance of the alumni.