Quiz on Genetics and Molecular Biology

Dept. of Biochemistry

Date: 06-04-2016

Summary of the Quiz on Genetics and Molecular Biology

A quiz was organized on 06-04-2016 from 09 :15 am to 11 :15am  on  genetics for the first year UG students

The students were divided into six groups based on their practical /tutorial batches as IA, IB, IIA, IIB, IIIA and IIIB. There were four rounds.

Quiz Master :- Dr Aliya Nusrath

Rapid fire Round :- Dr N Asha Rani

Marks Entry & Tabulation:- Dr Shilpashree Y D and  Dr. Prathibha K

Buzzer Handling :- Mrs. Rafiya Begum

Prize Distribution :- Dr Rajeshwari A & Dr Chikkanna D

The programme began at 9.15 am and the students were seated as per their team in one row for each team.  The rules and regulation for the quiz was explained to the students. The quiz had four rounds

Round I: Each team was given two multiple choice question which carried 10 marks each with no negative marks. If the questioned was not answered  by the team, then it was passed on to next team with 05 marks for right answer.

Round II:  Each team had a pictorial questions on technique followed by 2 question one MCQ and one open ended question .

Round III: This round had one case study, followed by single question regarding the case

Round IV: There was rapid fire round with 10 questions carrying 10 marks each to be answered in 1 minute. Negative 5 marks for wrong answer

After the completion of four rounds, five  open questions were asked to all the students. The first student who raised the hand and answered correctly, was given a chocolate.

The students completed all the rounds and following were the  marks



Team IIIA won the quiz with 120 marks


Chocolates were distributed for winning team.